ZoomTrader Review

ZoomTrader has its headquarters in Israel and has created a very positive image in the binary options world. In a market were there are new scams every day its not easy to get the positive image that ZoomTrader has. Since its creation ZoomTrader has transformed in one of the maximum representatives of this new way of investment, that changes the way of trading since the trading stocks origins.


This is been archived thanks to great publicity campaigns and a lot of hard work. And this proves that putting in hard work will take any big project in the right direction. Because of this I bring you a review tutorial about how does ZoomTrader work and why they are one of the most recommended brokers.

One Of the biggest Binary Options Brokers

Some years ago the Wall Street Journal published an article about ZoomTrader being the biggest binary options broker in the world. Since then ZoomTrader uses this statement and its proud to create a trend in the financial markets.

What has driven them to the success is the combination and harmony of all the elements included in the binary options brokers. This includes the best technology and innovation and the tier 1 customer service.

Security And Regulations

ZoomTrader is regulated by the CySEC, This guarantees that it is trustful and that everything is under strict legality. It has also received important awards in the financial sector. They were awarded with the excellency prize in the IAIR Awards during 3 consecutive years it was also chosen as the best broker in the FBO awards.

The also contribute in different humanity acts and other activities that give out a good image of this company.


They also they do a really good job stopping people from laundering money using this platform. ZoomTrader is 100% secure and trustworthy. They have a very good security with solid encryption that guarantees that there will be no kind of data filtering from their traders.

They define themselves like the reinvention of the investors of the 21st century. And they are very proud of their slogan : Simplicity pays. This comes referred about how easy it is to earn money when you work with a broker that gives you simple tools that anyone can use without being an expert in trading.


5 Types Of Account

ZoomTrader has 5 types of accounts that you can use depending on your needs and interests:

Bronze account: to Get this account you will have to make at least a 250 dollar deposit.

Silver account: To get the silver account you will need to deposit at least 2500 dollars.

Gold account: to get the Gold account you will have to deposit a minimum of 5000 dollars.

Premium account: this time it’s the double of the gold account having to deposit 10000 dollars to upgrade your account to premium.

Platinum Account: with a 250000 dollars of minimum deposit.

Now I will Proceed in explaining what’s the differences of each account:

Bronze Account

This account unites 190 different assets to operate with, providing daily financial information and webinars that are done 2 times per month.

The good news is that ZoomTrader will still provide all the educational material even with the bronze account.

With the bronze account you will get free monthly webinars about trading strategies, this is something very positive for the thousands of starter users ZoomTrader gets every day.

Silver Account

The silver account is the most popular between the traders. This account includes everything the bronze account had plus the trading event analysis and an extra special gift. This account also will provide a 10 day contract with a personal account manager and 1 free month of free trading signals. With what the silver account offers it is normal that it’s the most used account offered by the broker.

Its true that the deposit is high but its totally worth it if you have that type of money available. The gifts they give out are normally pretty expensive so just with the cost of the gift you will be already getting back part of your investment.

Gold Account

The gold account includes everything what the silver one did but extends the 10 day contract with the personal account manager to a permanent contract until you close the account. You will also get infinite trading signals.

Premium Account

The premium account keeps some of what the other accounts offer but changes all the rest. You will be provided with an educational program with an analyst 2 times every month, they will give you an even more expensive gift and access to a special plan to manage your invested and earned money. The money withdraw time will diminish a lot and you will be in the first group to access the contracts of available options. ) this way you will earn more money faster).

Platinum Account

The platinum account would be the definitive traders account, it includes everything the premium account has but changes the educational program from 2 times a month to once every week. This account also gives you access to a premium trading room, invitations to VIP events and you will get between 2 and 3% extra payout.

Because of the minimum deposit of 25000 dollars . This account is meant mostly for expert traders.

The welcoming Bonus

ZoomTrader can provide you with a welcome bonus that will help you trade bigger amounts and this way earn more money. To get the bonus you have to talk with an online administrator. You can easily contact with an administrator trough the broker platform. There is not a fix bonus you can receive and the amount must be negotiated with the administrator.

Normally almost al the traders that work with ZoomTrader are satisfied with this bonus this meaning that the bonuses that they give out are pretty big. This bonus is an incentive for the users depending if they are new in the binary options trading or they have already traded in the past.

Deposit And WithDraw

To deposit money ZoomTrader will have to make a verification of our details

To let us trade in the platform with real money. Once the details are reviewed (the process takes less than 1 hour) you can deposit the money using 4 different options:


Wire transfer: Using this method you will receive the money in your trading account in 2 or 3 working days.

Credit Card: This is the fastest option and you will have the money instantly in you account. It takes all the major credit card brands visa , master card etc….

Alert Pay: safe method to pay in the internet. It can take some minutes to get the money in the trading account.

Skrill: an Easy and 100% safe way to pay online.


To withdraw the money you have to have a balance of at least 50 dollars. The broker gives us 3 options to withdraw the money:


Wire transfer: the platform processes the withdraw in 3 working days and transfers the money to your bank account in a maximum of 5 working days.

Credit card: the same like the Wire transfer it will take 3 days to process and 5 to transfer.

Alert Pay: with this option it will take 3 days to process and Les than 1h to get in your Alert Pay Account.

MoneyBookers : 3 days of process and some hours to receive in your moneybookers account.

Available operations

ZoomTrader offers different trading operations sticking to the traditional ones and optimizing them to perfection.

This means ZoomTrader is another of the brokers that’s prefers to stick with the main operations and not try new things that maybe don’t work as well. They offer different operation categories and different charts that allow a better choice of the stocks we are trading with.


-Binary options

These are the traditional Binary Options were we chose if the value of an option will rise or will drop during a determined time period. We will have 2 options: put and call . We select the amount you want to trade with and click on one of the options, then we wait to see if we have won the trade. ZoomTrader always reminds there traders that’s its better to have some trading knowledge before they start trading. Because of that ZoomTrader gives out E-Books and educational guides for beginners to understand the options trading.

-Pair options

Yo will also have the opportunity to trade with pairs and we will be provided with a dynamic chart that will allow us to see how the market fluctuates. The main objective of these binary operations is to calculate which is going to be the pair that will conduct a determined movement in the selected time.

The normal operations are with Euro and dollar or the silver and gold. In any case the market is moving all the time and we can’t limit ourselves to just make a bid on what we believe it’s the right choice. The best way is to analyze the history of those values to determine the right choice and get good results from the trade.

-Long term Binary Options

The long term Binary Options still keep the call and put buttons but the time frames are longer and more flexible . You will get the same options to trade with but more time for the market to change in your favor. The time frames are from 1 day to 9 days. You will choose some of the same options to trade with to end up earning some good money.


-Short term Binary Options

These Binary options trades happen in very short time frames but for the rest they are exactly the same like the traditional binary options. The time frames range from 30 seconds to 300 seconds. This is the fastest way to earn money from the binary trading but its also the most risky because in so short time the market can change multiple times. The good thing of this operation is that we can see very fast the results of our trades.

Final Conclusion

Without any outstanding feature ZoomTrader still manages to become one of the best brokers in the world thanks to the hard work to satisfy their users. This platform has its priorities very clear. It has different access to the accounts mostly addressed to expert users but without forgetting about the beginners and the formation they need.

This Platform provides excellent guides, Ebooks, clasess and seminaires to help the beginners to start with the right foot. A part from this we have to say the tools in the platform are very clear and easy to use and will help us make money with efficiency.

ZoomTrader is one of the best services we can find in the markets. Its getting bigger every day and it will keep growing if it keeps doing the same things.

Resume: The ZoomTrader broker works in the binary options market and is one of the best alternatives if you want to invest with security and trust. Thanks to all the FREE formation curses, a welcoming bonus and its perfect 24/7 custom support this broker is the best bet for everyone that wants to start in this passionate world.


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